The Pohl Family Website          Mike, Ben, Samantha and Matt 


Hello. We are the Pohl family. Welcome to our family website. We created this special place on the web to share our lives with you. We hope this site will enable family and friends, near and far, to stay connected. We look forward to sharing our family news and precious memories with you for years to come!

Mike and Linda met on a bright sunny day in September, 1973. Well, maybe it wasn't sunny, but it was a day in September in 1973. They met at one of the dorm meetings for their building...yup, co-ed building even back in the 70's! Anyway, they met, feel in love (awwwww) and were married three years later in....SEPTEMBER! (ah...sweet, huh?)

They first lived in an apartment in Southgate, then a condo in Westland and then finally they bought their first of 3 homes in Canton. They moved the second and third times when Matt was going to start a new school, oddly enough!

Matt lives in Houston with his wife,as of June 4, 2010, Samantha. He works for Legos at the Galleria Mall. Ben is starting his final year at U of M-Dearborn in his major, Supply Chain Management. Currently he works his co-op job at DENSO while attending evening classes.

Mike has retired from GM...effective October 2009. Linda works for Travel Leaders. She's the bookkeeper, webmaster....whatever is needed that day.

That's a brief snapshot of the family. More to come!